About Us

We love the fact that we hold the greatest power of
empowerment in our hands. The confidence you see in
a person, looking at their best is what keeps us
striving for more in our beauty transformation works.”
Chrysalis Chea is apt in expressing her passion for the
business after establishing Chrysalis Beauty Transform
Studio & Academy, together with her elder sister,
Chloe Chea over 10 years ago. Chrysalis Beauty
Transform Studio & Academy is a one-stop station and
image consultation services.
Chrysalis Chea, backed with 13 years experience in
the beauty industry, especially known for the latest
and trendy Korean beauty style, graduated from the
renowned Korean beauty image school, K.Style. She
has been recognized in Japan, Taiwan, China and
other countries while keeping up with the latest
revolution of beauty in the global stage.
Chloe Chea , an elder sibling of Chrysalis has an
impressive portfolio of over 16 years under her belt.
She has been highly sought after for her attention in
amplifying distinctive features of her customers’
images that scored herself major appointments that
include High Fashion, Stage and Bridal Makeup and
many more. This has earned herself countless
accolades and recognitions from around the world.